Petition Filed to End USDA Practice of Allowing Foreign Meat to be Labeled "Product of U.S.A."

June 13, 2018

Now more than ever we as mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and as American citizens are increasingly concerned about where our food comes from and are eager to support local domestic products. However, no matter how much we educate ourselves on the rocket science of food labels, there are still statements on labels that can fool even the most well-meaning consumer.

For example, what many Americans don’t know is that “Product of U.S.A.” often means “Product of a USDA-inspected plant.” This means foreign meat companies to deceive American consumers by having their international products simply processed in the United States.

Joe Maxwell, Executive Director of the Organization for Competitive Markets said, “Allowing foreign profiteers to mislabel meat products plunders the profits of U.S. farmers and ranchers at the expense of U.S. consumers. This is simply criminal.”

This is extremely critical for the U.S. grass-fed beef market, the fastest and most profitable livestock market sector in the country. These flawed government policies are stifling American grass-fed beef producers and fooling American consumers.

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