Health Benefits of Pasture-raised Organic Chicken

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What’s so great about pasture-raised, organic chicken?

We all know that chicken is an excellent source of lean protein. As a Nutritionist, I am a firm believer in choosing nutrient dense foods and making them a key part of your overall diet. Nutrients found in food absorb more easily into the body compared to those from a pill or supplement. Knowing this, I believe choosing to eat Pasture-raised Organic Chicken is a healthier choice over conventionally raised chicken.

Raising chickens outdoors on green pastures produces a chicken with healthy credentials. According to a recent study[1], pasture-raised chickens have more heart-healthy Omega 3s, more immune-boosting Vitamin D3 and greater amounts of the fat soluble antioxidant Vitamin E in their meat when compared to conventionally raised chickens.

How can I make the most of my chicken?

One of my favorite ways to extract as much nutrients as I can ­– and to get the most bang for my buck – is to make Bone Broth with the leftover bones of my roast chicken. Bone broth is all the rage right now and there’s a good reason why: its full of collagen, which is good for your joints and great for your skin. What I also love about it is that it’s super easy to make and freezes really well. I like to have some in my freezer at all times. I freeze it in an ice-cube tray so that I can take out a few cubes and add it to soups or sauces. Check out our recipe here.

Healthy chickens, healthy you!

Raising chickens outdoors and are fed a natural diet means that it’s not only good for you, but good for the chickens. Adena birds definitely are healthy and happy with firmer cartilage, and bone structure. No antibiotics, no added growth hormones, no genetically modified feed and always Certified Organic.


Cynthia Mitchell is a certified Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP). Prior to joining Adena Farms as our in-house nutritionist, Cynthia spent over 20 years working as a nutritionist including partnering with our founder Frank Stronach on his employee health initiative at Magna International.



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Recipe: Adena Farms Bone Broth

Recipe: Adena Farms Roast Chicken


[1]Source: Badger, 2015 (Mike Badger 2015 APPPA)

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