Meet Rick Moyer, Adena Farms General Manager

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Just by speaking with Rick for a few minutes one cannot escape the powerful feeling of gratitude that radiates from this man in every sense.

Life on this ranch is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

“Some people, people that live in the city, some never ever want to live on a ranch, and that’s okay, but when they come out to the ranch they get it – they understand what a unique lifestyle it is and how special it is. And somewhere deep inside they want to be a part of it, somehow.”

Of course life on the farm is not always easy, and with mother nature “you never know what to expect,” Rick jokes.

Nevertheless, despite the challenges, every day Rick and the cowboys saddle up their horses first thing (around 6:45 a.m.) and move the cows from pasture to pasture. He explains that the beauty of doing this on horseback is the cows actually respect the horses, “they don’t frighten them,” unlike using trucks which “can make the cows crazy.”

Rick said that the health of the animal has always been their top priority at Adena Farms and his top priority as a cattleman. He said that even though many think roping a cow is “fun,” they do everything they can to avoid it. Furthermore, he points out that moving the cattle slowly is actually the most efficient and most friendly way to do it.

“Others are talking about top animal welfare standards, but we’re actually implementing,” Rick said proudly. “I think Frank has been a leader in this area and he is setting an example that others are following.”

“Frank’s an extraordinary man...But I think that what impresses me most is that he pushes us outside of our comfort zone to make things better, and again it’s not always comfortable, but in the end we always end up doing the right thing.”

Doing what we do, running a fully grass-fed grass-finished operation on 95,000 acres, takes a lot of time, energy, and manpower. Rick could not emphasize enough what a vital role teamwork plays in their daily success at the farm.
“Without a good team it’s going to be difficult to do anything. If you’ve got a bad apple that’s not very good either. That’s going to hinder your ability to accomplish your goal,” Rick said.

“Everyone who works here is fully behind what Frank wants to do. And I don’t say this lightly. I mean they are IN 100%.”

Just as Rick said, there are so many people who work so hard to make what we do a reality. But without a doubt Rick’s presence as a leader, role model, colleague, and friend has been an invaluable part of the formidable glue that has united us all since Day 1.

Rick is a living embodiment of a man who lives for the present. He sees every part of the journey as a victory. But he still has his favorite moments, and for him what he loves most in his day is the very end. Just before dark when he takes a walk with his wife or sits on his back porch to reflect on the beauty around him.
“I just stop and look at what god’s created for us and what god has allowed us to do out here,” Rick said. “You can slow down and reflect and just look at the beauty around us and just take it all in...So my favorite part of the day is right at the end.”
“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” – Melody Beattie

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