Our Farm


Adena Farms is more than 95,000 acres of rolling pastures and fields in Ocala, Florida where our cattle roam and graze freely.

At Adena Farms, we believe in growing healthy, natural, chemical-free food. Our philosophy is simple – raise our animals with the greatest of care in a completely natural setting, using sustainable, free-range farming practices. No added growth hormones. No GMOs. No antibiotics.

Our Grass-fed Cattle

Our Cattle Premium American Grass-fed, Grass-finished Pasture Raised Beef

We raise all-natural, grass-fed and grass-finished cattle. Our herds of Angus-based cattle graze year-round out in the open air, eating fresh green grass on wide-open pastures filled with spring-fed ponds and live oak trees that provide shade.

Healthy for You

Our premium grass-fed beef is lean in saturated fat and cholesterol and packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and heart-healthy Omega-3s, delivering delicious flavor and wholesome quality in every bite.

Nutritional tests show that Adena Farms grass-fed beef has what is considered to be the perfectly balanced 2:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats. Many of our customers have observed that our beef is easy to digest, and doesn’t leave you with a heavy, full feeling after eating.

Fort McCoy Ranch by Adena Farms

Florida Cattle Ranchers

Our Partner: Florida Cattle Ranchers

We also offer Florida-born, Florida-raised beef through our partnership with Florida Cattle Ranchers — a group of likeminded cattle ranchers committed to raising wholesome, healthy, great tasting beef.

Their cattle are properly handled and cared for from birth until processing, and they are committed to conscientiously managing their ranches and cattle in a manner that supports their members’ collective focus on conservation, freshwater recharge, green space, endangered species habitats, reduced carbon footprint, and a fresh, clean air supply.

Florida Cattle Ranchers beef comes from quality yearlings that live minimal-stressed, wholesome and natural lives in one state. No long distant rides out west. Yearlings are left to graze, feed and water without overworking and processing. They are penned only when necessary and for as little time as possible. We believe this type of life helps to produce better beef, both in taste and quality.

Florida Cattle Ranchers beef is certified by the USDA meeting or surpassing their strict oversight requirements. Florida Cattle Ranchers offers Homegrown Beef – Raised Right.

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