A message from our founder

Frank Stronach, Founder & OwnerI’m a great believer in the saying, “You are what you eat”. 

A growing number of people nowadays are concerned about the large amount of chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics in the foods we eat. They want to eat food that is free from chemicals — food that is fresh and all-natural. People are also increasingly concerned about the way that farm animals are raised. They want to know that the animals have been raised with care and have not been treated cruelly.

My family and I established Adena Farms twenty years ago. All of the animals at our farm are raised in a completely natural environment. We feed our animals only natural foods — no added growth hormones, no antibiotics, no GMOs and no animal by-products. We employ the highest standards of animal welfare to avoid pain and stress to our animals, and we operate the most advanced processing facilities right on our farm with USDA inspectors on-site.

We take great pride in producing all-natural meats here at Adena Farms. From our farm to your table — our pledge is to provide you with the very best-tasting all-natural foods.


Frank Stronach
Founder & Owner


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