Where is your farm located?

Products and Quality

Are all of your animals humanely raised?

Where is your meat processed?

How should I store my meat?

How long will the meat keep in the freezer?

What's the best way to thaw the product?

How do you age your meat?

Can frozen beef taste as good as fresh?

What's the best way to cook grass-fed beef?

Delivery and Shipping

I didn't receive an order confirmation/bill.

How can I change my shipping address?

How can I track my orders?

What happens if my delivery is lost or damaged?

How are shipping charges calculated?

Why does my order have to be $75 or more?

Can I refreeze products after they are delivered?

When do you process shipments?

What do you use for packaging?

Why have your shipping and handling fees changed?

Payment Options

What are the payment methods available?

How do I cancel my orders before I make a payment?

Refund Policy

What happens if I'm not content with my delivery? Whom should I contact?

Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards?